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October 28-30, 2018
MACRAO 82nd Annual Conference at Camden on the Lake

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Please note: Session titles in orange have powerpoint presentations available. Please double-click on title to download. Check back often, as more presentations will be added they are received from presenters.

Sunday, October 28

1:00-5:30 pm

Registration and Exhibitor Set-up
1:30-4:30 pm

Focus on Retention (Pre-registration required)

This session will focus on learning the keys to retention planning and informed decision making with respect to student success. Discover retention strategies that get results at two-year and four-year institutions and learn the best ways to plan for programs by laying the groundwork for success and gaining faculty support.

Presenter: Tim Culver, Vice President for Retention, Noel-Levitz

1:30-4:30 pm

International Credit Evaluation Tool Kit Pre-registration required)

This workshop is for professionals who are new (1-3 years of experience) to foreign academic credential evaluation and placement. Participants will develop conceptual tools for the evaluation of credentials for admission, placement, and transfer credit determination which enable you to make and justify independent decisions that are consistent with your institution’s culture. A bibliography of resources (some free!) will be included. Note: Participants should bring a calculator.

Presenter: Melanie Gottlieb, International Credit Specialist, Webster University

1:30-4:30 pm

Extreme Makeover: Professional Edition (Pre-registration required)

Does your life at work need a makeover? Whether you yearn to move up the career ladder or want to achieve a higher level of effectiveness in your current job, you will find this session of interest. Topics discussed include adding WOW to your resume, developing skills for interviews, becoming an effective manager and leader, and achieving greatness in your area.

Presenter: Nicole Rovig, Acting Registrar, Missouri State University

4:45-5:30 pm Platinum Exhibitor Presentations
4:45-5:30 pm

New Member Orientation

5:45-6:00 pm

Conference Opening

6:00-7:00 pm

Opening Social

7:00 pm Dinner and Networking on your own
We will have sign up sheets for going to 3 area restaurants.

Monday, October 29

7:30-12 noon


7:30-8:30 am Continental Breakfast
7:30 am-2:45 pm Exhibits Open
8:30-9:30 am

Opening Session & Keynote

9:30-9:45 am Break
9:45-10:45 am Breakout Sessions I

A. Developing a Clear Picture: The Technology Behind Electronic Transcripts

Records Offices are constantly under pressure to send and receive transcripts and evaluate transcripts quickly and accurately. This session will expose you to the many types of technology that can help you achieve a new level of service to students. From technology that may already exist in your student data system to third party vendors, to imaging systems with data capturing capabilities, we will take you through our college’s E-Transcript quest and the implementation currently in progress.

Kathy Hale and Dawn Hatterman, Registrars, Metropolitan Community College- Kansas City


B. Project Management - The Basics

This session presents an introduction to project management and will provide you with a fundamental understanding of project planning, project scheduling techniques, and essential aspects of project control, as well as the role of the project leader.

Sam Conte, AACRAO Vice President for Finance, University Registrar, University of Pittsburgh



This Q&A session will be led by two experts on FERPA and is designed for the new registrar and admissions representative, as well as the veteran. This session will provide the opportunity for open discussion and sharing of FERPA practices at your institution.

John Jaffrey, Registrar, Saint Louis University
Don Morris, Registrar, Webster University


D. New Student Orientation

Registration Rocks! Get the students on your campus before the end of the academic year. Learn about one school’s initiative to develop a program that registers over half of their incoming freshman class, while knocking out new student orientation. Registration Rocks will take you through the steps to successfully build a registration and orientation program on your campus.

Marcia Fields, Director of Admissions & Recruiting, Three Rivers Community College
Chris Adams, Admissions Specialist, Three Rivers Community College

10:45-11:00 am Break
11 am-12 noon Breakout Sessions II

A. Capturing Your High School Audience: Using the Web to Enlighten High School Professionals and Their Students

Students’ choice of college is highly influenced by their teachers, counselors, and their peers. Learn what it takes to create a specific website for high school professionals that provide them with quick and easy access to information that can help their students in the college selection process. We will also zoom in on the details of how to work with current students to produce Student Journals that give prospective students an inside look at life on your campus.

Misty Chandler, Karen Goos, and Terrell Tigner, Admissions/College Relations Coordinators, Metropolitan Community College - Kansas City


B. The Impact of the AAT

Mary Beth Huxel, Division Chair, Education & Social Science, East Central Community College


C. Basic Immigration for Non-Foreign Student Advisors

Introductory information designed for professionals who may work with international students but who are not foreign student advisors. This is a broad and basic overview of visas, immigration documents, and work permits.

Sherry Jones, Assistant Registrar, College of the Ozarks


D. Safety in Focus

In today’s society, where emergencies and violent incidents appear on the nightly news, safety and security on college campuses is of vital importance. Safety in Focus deals with how to most safely handle commonly encountered situations, such as suspicious people and packages, fire and weather emergencies. In addition, uncommon incidents such as irate or violent patrons or students, bomb threats, etc. are addressed.

Adam Duncan, Crime Prevention Officer, University of Missouri Columbia Police Department

12:00-1:30 pm

Luncheon & Program

1:30-2:30 pm Breakout Sessions III

A. Developing an Institutional Customer Relationship Model System to Boost Conversion, Yield, and Retention

This session will provide an overview of a cross-divisional project designed to integrate recruitment and prospect data into one database. This is an effort to maximize staff time on prospects most likely to attend and persist, reduce recruitment costs, and customize and personalize the recruitment and orientation process through the use of a multi-channeled communications platform.

Matt Melvin, Assistant Provost Enrollment Management, University of Central Missouri
Paul Orscheln, Director of Admissions, University of Central Missouri


B. COTA Subcommittee Presentation / Transfer Initiatives

Join in a conversation with members of the newly formed statewide standing advisory committee of COTA, the Committee on Transfer and Articulation. COTA is comprised of administrators from across the state who are charged with reviewing and making recommendations on transfer issues, studying and developing transfer guidelines for traditional and non- traditional credits, and recommending resolutions on cases of appeal. The goal of COTA AC is to give COTA feedback on suggested initiatives, assist them with identifying emerging trends and issues and in understanding outcomes of transfer policies on students. The committee members are colleagues like you who work closely with students and who are trying to assist COTA with its mission. Please join us as we begin a practitioner's conversation on transfer issues. Your voices will be heard!

Melissa Hatmann, Director, Transfer Services and Articulation, University of Missouri St. Louis
Artie Fowler, Director, Moberly Area Community College


C. Self-Study & Accreditation: Keeping the Scrapbook of Your Institution

The Higher Learning Commission has recently undergone significant transformation and the expectation of accredited institutions has changed. Jefferson College, Missouri State and Webster University are conducting or have recently conducted self-study activities. Hear what these institutions have learned from the new processes.

Kim Harvey, Registrar, Jefferson College
Melanie Gottlieb, International Credit Specialist, Webster University
Don Simpson, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management and Services, Missouri State University


D. Best Practices in Commencement

This panel discussion will focus on commencement ceremonies at a community college, public university, and private university. The presenters will discuss how often commencement ceremonies are held, whether they distribute diplomas at the ceremony, how students are lined up for the ceremony, how student names are read, and how to respond when you have more students than seats at commencement.

Cindy Clark, Registrar/Dean of Students, Three Rivers Community College
Laura Stoll, Registrar, University of Missouri-Rolla
Kathy Yepez, Associate Registrar, Saint Louis University

2:30-2:45 pm

Last chance to visit exhibitors

2:45-4:00 pm Town Hall Meetings

• Admissions/Enrollment Management


• Registrar

4:00-4:30 pm Break
Exhibitor Thank You and Drawings
4:30-5:30 pm

Information System Discussion Groups


• SCT Banner
• People Soft
• Datatel
• Jenzabar
• Homegrown/Other

Dinner on Your Own

Tuesday, October 30

7:00-8:00 am

Breakfast Buffet

8:00-9:00 am MACRAO Business Meeting
9:00-10:00 am Breakout Sessions IV

A. Financial Aid 101

High school students and parents report that “cost,” scholarships”, and “financial aid” are among their most important college selection factors. This session will cover the basic financial aid knowledge all higher education professionals should know. The first half of the session will be dedicated to providing a basic overview of financial aid terminology and programs. The session will also include a recap of recent industry changes, including Missouri’s newest financial aid program, Access Missouri, and changes to the FAFSA process for 2008-2009.

Debbie Below, Director of Enrollment Management and Admissions, Southeast Missouri State University


B. The Importance of Early Awareness in Admissions

This session will explain why admissions offices should get involved in early awareness of college access and how to develop and launch an effective early awareness program.

Lynn Stichnote, Director of Admission, University of Missouri Rolla
Lenell Hahn, Assistant Director of Admissions for Communications, Southeast Missouri State University


C. Picture This!

This session offers 10 valuable tips to developing a records retention and disposal program.

A. Kay Anderson, Registrar, Georgia College & State University
Cindy Clark, Dean of Students/Registrar, Three Rivers Community College


D. Wag the Dog (A Telephoto Look at Educational Policy)

Public Policy affects discussions and decisions in higher education. Rather than just accept what happens, you have the power to affect what happens. Come to this session to learn about new legislation being discussed on the state and national levels, and find out how you can affect what goes on in higher education.

Drew Griffin, Associate Director of Recruitment Services, University of Missouri St. Louis



10:15-11:15am Breakout Sessions V

A. Outtakes: Outsourcing Transcript Ordering and Other Enrollment Services

This session will highlight how and why the College of the Ozarks implemented National Student Clearinghouse services, including degree verify, enrollment verify, transcript ordering, and student self-service over a two month period. The labor and telephone savings, 24/7 student access, and additional benefits will be discussed in detail.

Fran Forman, Registrar, College of the Ozarks


B. Focus On Recruiting and Retaining Non-Traditional Students

Identifying successful initiatives to recruit and retain adult learners is on many of our minds as we begin to feel the traditional student crunch. This session will focus on how Hannibal LaGrange has not only met, but exceeded the non-traditional students’ needs at their institution.

Marc Hurt, Director, ADVANCE Program and Weekend College, Hannibal-LaGrange College


C. May I Help You? Developing a Culture of Customer Service

Customer service goes beyond assisting students with a smile. This presentation takes a comprehensive look at one college's initiative to create a "customer service" culture where narrowly focused student service is transformed into an environment of energized customer service. Presenters will discuss the philosophy of a broader definition of "customer" and the importance of treating your own institutional colleagues as key customers. The role that staff morale plays in first class customer service is addressed along with the connection between staff training and morale. The payoff is higher job satisfaction and performance, a positive working atmosphere, and ultimately, improved service for students.

Sue Koopmans, Registrar, Columbia College


D. From Film to Digital: Using an Imaging System to Create a Paperless Office

The days of massive paper filing systems occupying entire offices and fire-proof cabinets full of microfiche and microfilm are becoming a thing of the past. Document imaging systems with data capturing and workflow abilities are making data management easier and more efficient for offices across the college campus. In this session, we’ll give you the naked truth about imaging, from search and selection to planning and implementation.

Eileen West, Registrar, Park University
Jody Manchion, Assistant Registrar, Park University


Closing Session
Vendor and Attendance Prize Drawings


Committee Interest Meeting

Be a part of MACRAO's future! We are currently looking for volunteers to serve on each of the following committees during the 2007-2008 academic year:

  • Admissions
  • Professional Development
  • Registration and Records
  • Technology

Committee service is not only a great professional development opportunity, but also a spectacular way to shape our organization and help set the agenda for next year's conference.