MACRAO is the Missouri regional member of AACRAO (American Association of College Registrars and Admission Officers), with more than 350 members representing approximately 90 institutions.

The goal of the Association is to contribute to the advancement of higher education in Missouri to its fullest and broadest implications. MACRAO provides leadership in higher education by:

  • Holding an annual meeting for the professional development of the membership and for conducting Association business.

  • Coordinating a mentor program to complement the new member orientation program and to promote interaction of the membership through networking.

  • Publishing newsletters, Annual Membership Directory, Membership Handbook, and special reports.

  • Encouraging, conducting, and cooperating in research projects intended to further the purposes of the Association.

  • Conducting workshops or seminars for development of expertise in appropriate professional areas and to aid Association members in personal growth and occupational advancement.

  • Cooperating with other professional organizations whose objectives and purposes are deemed consistent with those of the Association.