MACRAO Strategic Plan



Contribute to the advancement of higher education in Missouri. Provide members opportunities for professional development, career advancement, and networking. Promote the use of high standards and professional ethics.



  1. Membership and Communication

    1. Offer a membership structure by institution to provide unlimited individual participation by institution.

    2. Develop and implement a plan to increase member institutions and individual participation.

    3. Recognize the populations of MACRAO – registrars, admissions officers & enrollment managers – and make efforts to ensure that they are all represented on the Executive Board and in committee work.

    4. Keep website up-to-date for members.

    5. Maintain a list serve where members can both gather and share information with a goal to move interaction from the list serve to MemberClicks

    6. Develop a communication plan via appropriate tools.

  2. Professional Development

    1. Annual Conference

      1. Coordinate a Fall conference annually.

      2. Develop and implement a plan to increase conference participation 

      3. Create a conference schedule that includes both learning and networking opportunities.

      4. Partner with vendors to educate members about how their products can advance higher education.

    2. Additional Professional Development Opportunity

      1. Workshops

      2. Townhalls

    3. Collaboration with other Professional Organizations

      1. Encourage joint sessions at annual conferences.

      2. Promote and support relationships

  3. Organizational Management

    1. Fiscal Stability

      1. Board shall monitor and ensure the fiscal stability of the organization.

      2. The Board shall ensure that the membership is notified of the fiscal status of the organization.

    2. Documentation

      1. Utilize web-based file sharing for file storage

      2. Implement a plan for the storage of physical archives

      3. Maintain Executive Board Handbook

    3. Technology Investments

      1. Maintain a website with database capabilities for membership and conference management

      2. Provide a paperless conference program 

      3. Research new technologies for increased opportunities

  4. Advocacy and Legal Education

    1. Educate the membership about higher education legislative policy issues and implementation. 

    2. Advocate for issues and policies related to higher education for the organization endorsed by the board.

    3. Develop and maintain positive relationships with legislators and other governmental agencies.