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October 28-30, 2018
MACRAO 82nd Annual Conference at Camden on the Lake

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Guidelines for Presenters and Facilitators

Please note: Session titles in orange have powerpoint presentations available. Please double-click on title to download. Check back often, as more presentations will be added they are received from presenters.

Sunday, October 29

1:30-6:30 pm

2:00-5:00 pm

Using Microsoft Access to Manage your Office (Pre-registration required)

Learn about the structure and benefits of an Access database, and become familiar with ways to get your data into and out of one. Understand how the forms, reports, queries, and tables work together to help you organize and manage your workload effectively. Bring your laptop with Access as we will be creating our own sample databases.

Presenter: Melissa Knudsen, Registrar, DeVry University
Facilitator: Cindy Miller, Associate Dean of Academic Support, DeVry University

2:00-5:00 pm

How can Banner Contribute to International Decision-Making Process? (Pre-registration required)

As Admissions and Registration professionals, you are challenged each day to provide your institutional executives with important student information they need to formulate and execute the mission of your organization. You need information access solutions that allow you to provide this information in a timely and accurate manner. This session will explore a variety of options available to Banner users to easily draw out data to format and analyze it to meet the needs of your institution.

Presenter: Melissa Spears, Banner Student Consultant
Facilitator: Gene Eulinger, Registrar, Missouri Western State University

2:00-5:00 pm

Creating and Implementing SEM: The Details of Launching and Maintaining a Successful Plan (Pre-registration required)

Learn from two of Missouri's most successful SEM leaders how to establish, grow and nurture a SEM culture on your campus. SEM theories, practical advice and tactics for overcoming organizational barriers will be discussed along with key assessment tools.

Presenters: Ann Korschgen, University of Missouri-Columbia, and Jay Goff, University of Missouri-Rolla

4:00-5:00 pm Statewide Enrollment Management Leaders Meeting
5:00-6:00 pm

New Member Orientation

Facilitators: Dr. Debbie Below, Director of Enrollment Management and Admissions, Southeast Missouri State University, and Don Simpson, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management and Services, Missouri State University

6:00-7:00 pm

MACRAO Birthday Party and Social Hour
Dress casual. Come celebrate MACRAO's 70th birthday while meeting new friends and visiting with old friends.

7:00 pm Dinner and Networking on your own
We will have sign up sheets for going to 3 area restaurants.

Monday, October 30

7:30-8:30 am


7:30-8:30 am Continental Breakfast
7:30 am-5 pm Vendor Exhibits Open
8:30-9:30 am

Opening Session

Keynote: Gary Smith, "Honoring the Past"

9:30-9:45 am Break
9:45-10:45 am Breakout Sessions I

A. Preparing for the Future: Change Management

In the future, change is the one thing we can count on to remain constant. We will look at the 8 most common reasons change fails and review John Kotter's 8 state process for effective change management. John Kotter is the Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership, Emeritus, at Harvard Business School.

Presenter: Dave Schoolfield, Registrar, Evangel University
Facilitator: Lenell Hahn, Admissions Web Counselor, Southeast Missouri State University


B. Is Paperless Possible?

Colleagues with paperless (or almost paperless) offices and a vendor will share their experience and expertise.

Panelists: Tara Deirling, Registrar, William Woods University; A. Kay Anderson, Registrar, Truman State University; Steve Behm, Docuware Missouri Sales Representative with Missouri Document Solutions (MDS)
Facilitator: Marsha Lashley, Registrar, Missouri Valley College


C. Making Online Catalogs User Friendly

Online catalogs are becoming more prevalent every year. This session will explore the trend away from the paper catalog and share techniques used to make the online catalog successful.

Presenter: Victor Price, Associate Registrar, University of Missouri-Columbia


D. Integrating a Division I Approach to the Development of an Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes

Developing an academic athletic support program has become the norm for almost every NCAA Division I institution due to increasingly stringent rules and regulations for academic progress. Four-year institutions are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire and train professional staff and build academic resource centers simply for student-athletes. However, very few two-year institutions on the NJCAA level are providing the same academic support system for their students. With so many of these young people matriculating to the four-year institutions to contintue competing at the highest level, it has become apparent the community college student-athlete faces an uphill battle in meeting initial and continuing eligibility requirements for participation. This session will provide you with an in-depth look at what Jefferson College is currently doing to help educate and prepare their student-athletes by developing a comprehensive academic athletic support system integrating a Division I approach towards academic advisement.

Presenters: Kim Harvey, Registrar, Jefferson College, and Jason Gardner, Student Athlete Success Coordinator, Jefferson College

10:45-11:00 am Break (sponsored by Sungard)
11 am-12 noon Breakout Sessions II

A. Web Services for Guidance Counselors

Learn what one school has developed for an online tool specifically for guidance counselors. The specific features of the site will be showcased and discussed. Hear the reaction they have received from counselors and advisors as to their satisfaction level with this personalized tool. Future developments and ideas will be discussed and shared as well. The session will provide an opportunity for attendees to share their schools' unique web services for counselors as well.

Presenters: Chuck May, Associate Director of Admissions, University of Missouri-Columbia


B. Campus Culture: Access It and Work Within It (and Perhaps Change It???)

Presenter: Nora McCaughlin, Vice President for Leadership and Management Development, Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Counselors (AACRAO), and Registrar, Reed College, Portland, Oregon


C. Educating Others About FERPA

How do you teach faculty and staff on your campus about FERPA? Learn from a panel of experts how they have successfully accomplished this on their campus using both online, formal, and informal training methods.


D. VENDOR SESSION: Credentials Inc.
Newest Developments in Online Services: Case Studies from Coast to Coastt

In this session, we will discuss several case studies where new technologies have been deployed to improve customer service, enhance regulatory compliance and reduce operating expenses. These highlighted examples will provide a detailed discussion on the objectives of each project, the steps required for the implementation and the measured results of the deployment. We'll also provide a sneak peek at new projects and services that Credentials will be launching in 2007.

Presenter: Jack Weber, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, Credentials Inc.

12:00-1:30 pm

MACRAO Luncheon & Birthday Party

Program: Nora McCaughlin, "Preparing for the Future"

1:30-2:30 pm Breakout Sessions III

A. Financial Aid 101+2

This session will cover the basic financial aid knowledge all higher education professionals should know as well as discuss some of the current events in the industry such as the new grant programs, changes to student loan interest rates, and the ever-evolving FAFSA process. The session will also explore some of the latest trends regarding student borrowing and tuition discounting by schools.

Presenter: Dr. Debbie Below, Director of Enrollment Management, Southeast Missouri State University


B. Age Demographics in the Workplace

How does the age of your employees and colleagues affect your work environment? Learn how the presence of Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, Nexters, and Millennials in your office changes the way you interact with one another and the people you serve. Differing generations' values regarding communication, supervision, rewards, recognition, training, and feedback will be discussed, as well as ways for supervisors to use the experiences and values of each generation to build high-functioning teams.

Presenter: A. Kay Anderson, Registrar, Truman State University


C. Using Technology to Connect with the Savvy Student Market

Trying to find a way to beef up your technology, but have limited funds? Come learn about one schools approach to integrating technology in the recruitment process without breaking the bank! This session will include information on setting up instant messaging account, online student journals (blogs) and mass emails.

Presenters: Danielle Alspaugh, Associate Director of Admissions, Southeast Missouri State University; and Lenell Hahn, Admissions Web Counselor, Southeast Missouri State University


D. Will you be Ready for Retirement?

This session will focus on three concerns related to retirement planning:
1. Is probate good or bad?
2. What is the cost of waiting to save for retirement?
3. How long will my money last?

Presenter: Rick Duncan, Edward Jones, Osage Beach, Missouri

2:30-2:45 pm


2:45-4:00 pm Town Hall Meetings

  Admissions/Enrollment Management



4:00-4:15 pm Break
4:15-5:00 pm

Information System Discussion Groups


  SCT Banner
  People Soft

Dinner on Your Own

Tuesday, October 31

7:00-8:00 am

Breakfast Buffet

8:00-9:00 am MACRAO Business Meeting
9:00-11:15 am

Vendor Exhibits Open

9:00-10:00 am Breakout Sessions IV

A. Recruiting Home-Schooled Students

Home-schooled students are some of the best and brightest students in the market today. Find out how to recruit this population of students and see how one school's approach has increased its home-schooled student population through scholarships, programming and technology initiatives.

Presenter: Gina Morin, Director of Admissions, Columbia College


B. Registrar 201

Learn how registrars from other institutions have addressed tough policy issues on their campus with discussion on topics, "When do we stop printing the schedule of classes?", "Do we need to print the Catalog?", "Do we need to have signed confidentiality statements?", record retention, FERPA training, data security, "Do I need to go to all those meetings?", and all other issues that come across our desks. We will look at best practices among our institutions and AACRAO.

Presenter: John-Herbert Jaffry, Registrar, Saint Louis University


C. Staff Motivation

In our records and enrollment management offices today, we all are asked to do more with do we keep the troops motivated and energized? Come participate in a discussion of strategies that can be used to keep staff members engaged, enthused and invigorated even during the most stressfull times. Be prepared to share your own ideas, and plan to take some new tips back to the office with you.

Presenter: Cindy R. Miller, Associate Dean of Academic Support, DeVry University, Kansas City, MIssouri



10:15-11:15am Breakout Sessions V

A. Purchase Names: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Purchase names are a huge cost for higher education institutions. So how do you decide what to purchase? What do you do with these names after they are purchased? Learn the "search" process for Missouri State. Please bring your ideas to share!

Presenter: Jill Duncan, Associate Director of Admissions, Missouri State University


B. Transfer Articulation with Community Colleges - Recruiting and Marketing Perspectives

Do articulation agreements work? What is the best way to insure transfer students receive the most credit for their work? Come and find out current trends and philosophies from two and four year institutions.

Presenters: Cookie Hayes, Dean of Student Development, East Central College; April Hoekenga, Coordinating Counselor, St. Charles Community College; Mike Hines, Assistant Director of Admissions and Transfer Coordinator, Missouri State University; and Donna Tucker, Assistant Director of Transfer Recruitment, Southeast Missouri State University


C. DIY Foreign Credential Evaluation: The Basics

Does your institution require students to get a costly evaluation from a credential service for foreign documentation? Have you ever wondered how they do it? This session will present very basic tools and a framework with which to approach foreign credential evaluation for the registration or admissions professional. Will provide lists of resources, many of which are free!

Presenter: Melanie Gottlieb, International Credential Specialist, Webster University


D. The Gamer Generation

Tired of hearing about the Millennial generation? What about the Gamers? How do they compare? Learn how yet another savvy student generation has immerged and what they expect to gain from their college search process.

Presenter: Wendy Hamstra, Assistant Director of Admissions, Saint Louis University


Closing Session

Vendor and Attendance Prize Drawings


Committee Interest Meeting

Be a part of MACRAO's future! We are currently looking for volunteers to serve on each of the following committees during the 2006-2007 academic year:

  • Admissions
  • Professional Development
  • Registration and Records
  • Data Systems

Committee service is not only a great professional development opportunity, but also a spectacular way to shape our organization and help set the agenda for next year's conference.