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October 28-30, 2018
MACRAO 82nd Annual Conference at Camden on the Lake

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Guidelines for Presenters and Facilitators

Please note: Session titles in orange have powerpoint presentations available. Please double-click on title to download. Check back often, as more presentations will be added they are received from presenters.

Sunday, October 24

1:00-5:30 pm

Registration - Lodge Lobby
2:00-4:30 pm

Boosting Morale and Motivating Your Staff in Tough Times - Lookout


Tough times call for true creativity and intentional efforts to boost morale and motivate staff. We're all doing more with less and dealing with new initiatives and change. This workshop will focus on ways you can boost morale and motivate staff. The worshop will be interactive with time for questions.

-Regina Morrin, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, Truman State University
-Cindy, Miller, Director of the Kansas City Campus, Columbia College
-Brenda Selman, Registrar, University of Missouri - Columbia

2:00-4:30 pm

Developing Cross Cultural Relationships in the Workplace - Seachase

PINK Consulting has provided educational institutions and organizations worldwide intercultural competence and diversity education training. Mission is to assist individuals and organizations with developing cross cultural relationships amongst their employees and their customers for greater effectiveness. You will be provided with proven techniques that go beyond "awareness" to "action," from "why" to "how."

Phyllis Braxton, President and Founder, PINK Consulting, LLC

4:30-5:30 pm

New Member Orientation - Lookout

This session provides an opportunity for those attending their first MACRAO conference to network with seasoned MACRAO members as well as with each other. Make the most of you MACRAO experience by attending this fun session.

Sue Koopmans, Registrar, Columbia College

4:30-5:30 pm

A. Platinum Exhibitor Presentation
Navigating the Electronic Transcript Landscape - Valencia

Ben Laetz, Credentials Solution

B. Platinum Exhibitor Presentation
eLearning - Are You Ready for Your Future Students and Faculty? - Lookout

Susan H. Hoagland, Senior Sales Consultant for Higher Education, Oracle

C. Platinum Exhibitor Presentation
Addressing Continuing Education Enrollment - Seachase

-Juliette Williams, Senior Account Manager, MIS, Inc.
-Adrian Valente, PeopleSoft Sales Representative, MIS Inc.

5:45-7:00 pm

Conference Opening Reception - Marbella Ballroom

Sponsor: Oracle

6:15 pm and 7:00 pm Dinner and Networking on your own
We will have sign up sheets for going to area restaurants at the registration table.


7:30 am - 12noon

Check-in/Registration - Lodge Lobby

7:30-8:15 am

Continental Breakfast - Marbella Ballroom

Sponsor: Credentials Inc.

7:30 am-2:30 pm Vendor Exhibits Open - Marbella Ballroom
8:15-9:15 am

Opening Session - Marbella Ballroom

David R. Russell, Ph.D., Interim Commissioner, Missouri Department of Higher Education

9:15-9:30 am Break - Marbella Ballroom
9:30-10:30 am Breakout Sessions I

A. Retention on a Shoestring - Seachase

The University of Iowa sanctioned the Early Intervention Implementation Committee to provide an implementation plan and budget for a Retention Office on campus which provides a framework of services and a targeted student population. The committee provided a plan in August 09 after 4 months of meetings. Iowa went through a 15% statewide budget cut that impacted the implementation of our plan. The committee volunteered to stay the course and piloted the plan through the 09-10 academic year. Presentation will show how 30 volunteers made a difference raising U of I‘s retention from 83% to 86.28%. This resulted in 135 more first year students remaining for their second year and 8 million more dollars.

Larry Lockwood, Registrar, University of Iowa


B. Registrar 101 - Lookout

Oh no, I’m the only new Registrar here! Three seasoned Registrars will share tips of the trade that they have picked up along the way to "survive" this profession. Whether you work at a public/private university or community college this session will provide you with an overview of this career path.  This workshop is great for those new to the profession as well as those who would like a refresher course!

-Sandy Hinkle, Registrar, Southeast Missouri State University
-Cindy Clark, Registrar, Three Rivers Community College
-Sue Koopmans, Registrar, Columbia College


C. Learning from David when Facing a Goliath-Type Decision - Valencia I

Everyone is familiar with the story of David and Goliath—the underdog defeats the heavy favorite. This workshop will not teach you how to defeat giants, but it will provide some sound principles to use when making important decisions in your personal and professional life.

Rick Fordyce, Executive Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness, Central Christian College of the Bible


D. Point, Click, Route: Processing with Document Imaging - Escollo

This session will show how OTC is using the unique features of ImageNow to process the paperwork received in Student Services and Financial Aid including its Education Centers.  Areas covered will be iScript, projects, workflow, automatic import of records, import agent.   We will briefly touch on the departments and how they are using document imaging in their areas.

Rebekah McCormack, Student Records Manager, Ozarks Technical Community College

10:30-10:45 am

Break - Marbella Ballroom

Sponsor: CollegeSource, Inc.

10:45 am-11:45 am Breakout Sessions II

A. FERPA Q&A Panel - Seachase

BYOQ!  Got a helicopter parent, an over protective spouse with an e-mail account, or just that crazy situation that has come up and you want to know how other registrars have handle it, then this is the session for you!  This session will be an open question/answer discussion.

-Don Morris, Registrar, Webster University
-John Jaffry, retired Registrar, Saint Louis University
-Rob Hornberger, Registrar, Missouri State University


B. Keeping IT Secure: Assessments and Incident Response - Lookout

Protection of student’s information is not only the right thing to do, in many cases it’s required by law.  This is an ever growing challenge as the size of information systems, demand for student data, and quantity of “hackers” are increasing at an exponential rate.  This session will cover some behind the scenes tactics to protecting student data and what to do when an information breach has occurred.  This will include a high level overview of conducting security assessments and why, when, and how to ensure they get done.  In addition, the importance of having a documented incident response program such that your institution is covered if (and when?) a breach should occur.

Brandon Hough, Manager IT Security, University of Missouri-Columbia


C. Student Success: Rethinking Our Approach - Valencia

Student success trend data is not pretty.  Data shows that more than half of all college students do not reach their intended goals at entry. However, we now have more tools and resources than ever to help us help more students succeed. Discover how you can influence positive change on your campus that will inspire innovation, foster leadership, increase engagement, and contribute to student success and learning.

Jason Hoseney, Vice President for Student Success, Three Rivers Community College


D. Motivating a Successful Team - Escollo

Keeping staff motivated can be difficult – especially in positions that are very repetitive, even though each situation is different. It takes work. It also means critically looking at the needs of the department and the strengths of individual staff members. When you build on individual staff strengths, you will see group benefits. In this session we will: reflect on what supervision is and should be; look at tools such as StrengthsQuest that can help you, as the supervisor, to better understand what motivates individual employees and how this relates to successful supervising; develop or clarify your strategy for supervision; share ideas of best practices with one another.

-Cheryl Stephens, Director Registration and Financial Services, Columbia College
-Nicole Deters, Assistant Director Registration and Financial Services, Columbia College

11:45 am-1:15 pm

MACRAO Luncheon & Program - Marbella Ballroom

Wanda Simpson Munson, AACRAO Past President
Dean of Enrollment Mangement & College Registrar, San Jacinto College District

MIS, Inc.

1:15-1:45 pm Gold Sponsor Presentations

A. Herff Jones - Seachase

-Patty Storie-Light
-Tena Harman


B. Perceptive - Lookout

Christie Rogers


C. Millions of Transfer Students, One Solution: The Transfer Evaluation System (TES*) from College Source - Terrace I

Shelly May, Marketing and Client Relations Associate

1:45-2:00 pm

Break - Marbella Ballroom

Last Change to Visit the Exhibitors

Sponsor: PerceptiveSoftware

2:00-3:00 pm

Breakout Sessions III
A.The iStanford App: Going Mobile with Your Student Services - Seachase

The development of  iStanford, Stanford University’s mobile interface, is a story about students and their indefatigable determination to excel and achieve. iStanford also is a story about challenging conventional wisdom and creating something beyond expectations: a new application paradigm, new approaches to thinking about information in corporate data bases, and new ways to brand institutions and connect with constituencies. Data from a student-led study show that the mobile phenomenon is a highly personal phenomenon and is here to stay. Yet iStanford is just one example of the mobile wave washing across the landscape of student services. How do does this wave affect us? And how are we to respond? Tim Flood, Stanford University Senior Technology Consultant, will share insights gleaned from this seminal effort to go mobile.  The presenter will join us via distance/video connection.

Tim Flood, Director of Student Information Services, Stanford University


B. Finding the Fun in Reaccreditation and Promoting Campus-Wide Participation - Lookout

Reaccreditation is right around the corner and you need to get your campus on board! This session will describe how Jefferson College marketed the reaccreditation process to faculty, staff, and students. The presenters will provide visual examples of a six-month marketing campaign, including viral marketing, video production, movie premieres, contests, and celebrations.

-Holly Lincoln, Assistant Registrar, Jefferson College
-Kim Harvey, Registrar, Jefferson College


C. Developing a State-Wide Student Conference to Enhance Student Leadership - Valencia

As Admissions and Recruitment Professionals, we depend on our Student Ambassador programs in a number of ways to be the face of our colleges.  As student leaders, Ambassadors need to have the opportunity to network and develop their leadership skills with their peers from all over the state just as we do here at MACRAO!  Learn how two community colleges teamed up to offer such a conference this summer for over 50 community college ambassadors at MIZZOU.  An outline of the conference, planning involved, and the outcomes will be provided.

-Chris Adams, Coordinator of Admissions, Three Rivers Community College
-Marcia Fields, Director of Admissions, Three Rivers Community College
-Misty Chandler, Admissions Coordinator, Metropolitan Community College


D. Graduation Organization and Commencement Program Publications That Make Your Insitution Shine! - Escollo

How in the world do they do that? If you have ever attended a Mizzou graduation, you may be asking yourself that very same question. During this session you will learn the organization process involved and hopefully you can “steal” a few good ideas to implement at your institution.  Also, bring a copy of your commencement program and compare notes on how this publication is handled at Mizzou and share your institutions’ process.

Paula Thies, Assistant Registrar, Unversity of Missouri-Columbia

3:30-3:30 pm

Break - Marbella Ballroom

Exhibitor Thank You and Drawings

Sponsor: Credentials, Inc.

3:30-4:30 pm Breakout Sessions IV

A. Natural Disasters: What You Don't Know, But Should! - Seachase

The Flood of 2008 and its effect on campus, registrar and admissions. How did our disaster plan fail to consider and what we changed  as a result. The impact on Classroom Scheduling and building utilization , orientation and  the  campus priorities today. This could happen to you!   

Larry Lockwood, Registrar, University of Iowa


B. The Missouri College Advising Corps: A Near-Peer College Access Model - Lookout

Too many of our citizens believe that college is out of reach or do not have the necessary information to navigate the college admission or financing process. The Missouri College Advising Corps (MCAC) was started in 2007 at the University of Missouri (MU) to address these gaps, particularly for those who did not see college as an option. MCAC is now one of 14 college advising corps in the nation. MCAC recruits and trains recent MU graduates to work as full-time college advisers at high schools and community colleges across the state. Partner schools and colleges have high numbers of students who are the first in the family to go to college, from low-income families, and are historically underserved ethnic minorities. Working alongside school counselors and college advisers, MCAC college advisers coach students on how to prepare for college admission, choose a college that matches their interests and aptitudes while not under-matching, complete admission and financial aid applications, and seek and secure scholarships. Advisers also provide parents with information they need to encourage and support their children’s pursuit of a college degree. In its first two years, MCAC college advisers have held over 22,000 college-advising sessions with students and last year alone, student advisees applied to 218 unique postsecondary institutions and were admitted to at least 162. Attend this session to learn about how this program is helping Missouri students go to college at their “best fit” postsecondary institution.

-Rebecca Fallon, College Advisor, Bourbon High School
-Brandon Guthrie, College Advisor, Soldan International Studies High School
-Beth Tankersley-Bankhead, PhD, Executive Director, Missouri College Advising Corps.


C. Recruit Back Program: A Success Story - Valencia

The University of Missouri developed the Recruit Back program to encourage students who were close to graduation to return to complete their degree.  Through this process, we’ve been able to gather information about retention, student loan default rates and academic policies that determine a student’s ability to graduate.  Most importantly, this program provides students a primary liaison to answer their questions and provide resources to help them navigate the reenrollment and graduation process.  This session will review the successes, pitfalls and new ideas encountered while implementing and adapting a student-focused degree completion program.

Donna Monnig, Recruit Back Director, University of Missouri-Columbia


D. One-Stop: Do's, Don'ts, and Ta-Das! - Escollo

Three campuses. Three approaches. Three experiences. “One Stop Shop” continues to grow. How do you get past “owning” a process? Come learn more about how front and back office operations (that are separate departments) must learn to communicate and work together for the good of the student!

-Karen Goos, Associate Dean of Student Development, MCC-Blue River
-Minda Thrower, Registrar, Rockhurst University
-Cheryl Stephens, Director of Registration and Financial Services, Columbia College

4:30-5:30 pm

Town Hall Meetings


• Admissions/Enrollment Management - Seachase
• Registrar - Valencia

Dinner on Your Own
(See Regisration Table for Dinner Group Sign Ups)

Tuesday, October 27

7:00-7:45 am

Breakfast Buffet - Marbella Ballroom

Sponsor: Herff-Jones

7:45-8:45 am MACRAO Business Meeting - Marbella Ballroom
8:45-9:45 am Breakout Sessions V

A. Presenting Study Missouri - Seachase

Study Missouri is a consortium of 39 public and private Missouri colleges and universities whose goal is to promote international education to students overseas and encourage Missouri students to study abroad.  Your school is probably a member so come and learn about how this new organization could impact your campus.

-Becky Brant, Associate Director of Admissions, UM-Columbia
-Brian Crouse, Past-Chair of Study Missouri
-Heather MacCleoud, Research Associate, Mo. Dept. of Higher Education


B. Effective Outreach to Younger Students - Lookout

Students are making up their minds at earlier ages than ever.  Decisions on college or dropping out are often made before the student reaches the 11th grade.  Outreach to younger students is vital not only to our colleges but our communities as well.  Discover and share some creative and fun ways to reach students at younger ages in your community.

-Marcia Fields, Director of Admissions, Three Rivers Community College
-Chris Adams, Coordinator of Admissions, Three Rivers Community College


C. Classrooms for the Millennial Student - Valencia

The Millennial Generation has new expectations in learning environments. Faculty members want classroom space and furniture to support, not interfere with the pedagogy they use. This session will look one campus’ pilot, which is its approach to rising to the challenge of the expectations of today’s faculty and students concerning classroom layout, furnishings and technology balanced with the limitations of classroom space.  The pilot will allow experimentation with new seating layouts to accommodate face-to-face student interaction and small-group work, along with more wall-mounted writing space and enhanced technology access.

Brenda Selman, Registrar, University of Missouri-Columbia


D. It's Okay to Be the Boss - Escollo

Do you feel you don’t have enough time to manage your people?  Do you have some great employees you really cannot afford to lose?  Do you secretly wish you could be more in control but don’t know where to start?  Come join us and learn the answer to these and other interesting questions.  Someone will receive a free copy of this book. 

Dave Schoolfield, Dean of Enrollment Management, Lester L. Cox College of Nursing & Health Sciences


Break - Marbella Ballroom

10:00-11:00am Breakout Sessions VI

A. CBOs and SOCs: Community-Based Organizations and Students of Color in the Admissions Process - Seachase

Do you feel you don’t have enough time to manage your people?  Do you have some great employees you really cannot afford to lose?  Do you secretly wish you could be more in control but don’t know where to start?  Come join us and learn the answer to these and other interesting questions.  Someone will receive a free copy of this book. 

DeAngela Burns Wallace, Director of Access Initiatives, University of Missouri-Columbia


B. Partnering to Do the Best for Our Students: A 2-Year Colege and a 4-Year University Partnership - Lookout

This session will explore the successful partnership of a 2-year college, Ozarks Technical Community College, and a 4-year university, Missouri State University.  The session will cover communication, goals of the colleges, programs, and the ongoing work that it takes to provide the best for our students.

Dixie Williams, Assistant Director of Admissions Transfer Coordinator, Missouri State University


C. Top Notch Tour Guide Recruitment and Training Program - Valencia

Given the integral roll student staff members are asked to play in our offices and the importance of the work we ask them to do, it is in our best interest to make sure we have the best possible people doing the work.  In this participatory session, I will go over some of the common dos and don’ts of student staff recruitment, screening, and eventual selection.  Learn how to think outside the box, and in some cases, get on the band wagon when it comes to promoting your student positions.  You’ll learn about tips on getting the best people, what to ask before starting the process, how to evaluate student staff as well as ways to promote your program to gain recognition.  An end goal should be to make your campus tour guide program one of the most coveted positions on campus!

LeAnn Stroupe, Coordinator Visitor Relations, University of Missouri-Columbia


D. Course Prediction: Thinking Beyond "Offer it and they will enroll." - Escollo

With changing student demographics and course demand, how does an institution predict what courses will be in high demand and how many sections to offer at what times?  This session will show how course prediction data is used to assist registrars and campuses with modeling what is needed to be offered rather than simply rolling term to term.

-Laura Stoll, Registrar, Missouri University of Science and Technology
-Jennifer Thorpe, Assistant Registrar, Missouri University of Science and Technology
-Kathy Schmidtke Felts, University of Missouri-Columbia


Closing Session - Marbella Ballroom

Lunch on the Go and Attendance Prize Drawings (must be present to win)

Sponsor: Pearson


2010 – 2011 Board and Committee Chair Organizational Meeting

Be a part of MACRAO's future! We are currently looking for volunteers to serve on each of the following committees during the 2010-2011 academic year:

  • Admissions
  • Professional Development
  • Registration and Records
  • Data Systems
  • New Member Orientation

Committee service is not only a great professional development opportunity, but also a spectacular way to shape our organization and help set the agenda for next year's conference.