State Legislative Updates

Just a couple quick updates for you.

 Last week SB 642 had a hearing.  The legislation seeks to codify into statute budgetary instructions included in HB 3 since 2015 that prevent public institutions from offering in-state tuition to students with unlawful immigration status.  Proponents testified that the legislation would reinforce current federal law and end subsidized tuition during a time of scarce resources. Opponents testified that the bill would encourage affected students to seek postsecondary and future workforce opportunities outside the state.

 Also, SB  663 had a which would modify and remove provisions relating to concealed firearms. As it pertains to higher education, the bill would allow a person to carry a concealed weapon at a public institution if they have a valid concealed carry permit and the consent of a member of the governing body of the institution. Proponents testified that the bill would enable individuals to quickly act and defend themselves or others if a violent act occurred on campus. Opponents, including COPHE Executive Director Paul Wagner, testified that public institutions have police and other security personnel ready to quickly respond to problems and that allowing conceal carry on campus would increase the risk of accidents or escalated altercations on campus.

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