March 2020 Legislative Update

The two topics to bring to your are attention this week are:

HB 2387 was discussed this week. It would establish the 21st Century Missouri Education Task Force. The task force would include members of the general assembly, other stakeholders including members of the business community, the Commissioner of Education, and the Commissioner of Higher Education.  The task force’s mission would include evaluating current educational processes and funding. It would make recommendations for legislation and submit a report summarizing its activities to the General Assembly before Aug. 28, 2021. The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry spoke in favor of the legislation.

HB 2746 is being evaluated for its fiscal impact.  It would establish the "College Admission and Financial Aid Letter Consistency Task Force." The task force would develop a standard admission letter and a standard financial aid award letter to be used by all public colleges and universities.  The financial aid award letter shall clearly list at least the following information: (1)  The estimated cost of attendance including, but not limited to, the cost of tuition and fees, room and board, books, and transportation for the current academic year as well as estimates for each academic year that the student would need to attend to earn a degree at such institution, with a disclaimer that the cost of attendance for years other than the current academic year are estimates and may be subject to change. It would also include all federal, state, and institutional financial aid offered, with an explanation as to which components will require repayment; It would specify any expected student or family contribution and other requirements.

Happy March!

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